M Active Ladies was hailed as Qatar’s best ladies only fitness centre in 2018. The club offers the largest variety of fitness programmes for ladies of all ages and fitness levels. It carries a state-of-the-art gym, top-notch personal training, trendiest group classes, deluxe lounge, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.

State-of-the-art Gym Equipment

A fully equipped gym with ultra-modern machines and free weights made available for fitness-oriented ladies to work out and achieve their goals, using their own training programmes

Trendy Group Classes

Unlimited access to the latest, most effective, fun and trendy group classes to give our members variety and keep sessions exciting. Classes are tailored for ladies of all fitness levels including beginners, intermediate and advanced.


Our international team of qualified personal trainers are ready to make training sessions more effective by creating a customised training programme, designed to meet individual fitness goals.  

Deluxe Lounge

Special lounge where our members can enjoy a modern atmosphere and have a healthy break with fresh juices, salads, protein shakes or light snacks with counted calories.

Sauna, Steam Room & Jacuzzi

A station for relaxation is available for ladies who like to unwind and recover after a strenuous workout. A combination of cold and hot Jacuzzis, alongside the rejuvenating sauna and steam room.


M-Active Ladies offers the largest variety of fitness programme for ladies of all ages, making sure each person finds their own fitness style.

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